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Cambridge Cleantech

Creating a greener future for us all

A global hub for cleantech innovation, Cambridge Cleantech is a membership organisation that’s been helping businesses create a smarter, more sustainable future for the world since 2002.

By brokering collaborations with financiers, partners and customers who can help bring sustainable products and services to fruition, Cambridge Cleantech has grown to become a powerful catalyst for the cleantech movement.

Whether you’re a startup with a smart idea in sustainable energy, water and waste or a multinational working to reduce your environmental impact, Cambridge Cleantech can help – and with Clear Treasury as a partner, your finances will always go further.

Partner Details

Cambridge Cleantech

As the business support partnership driving development of a world-leading cleantech cluster, we undertake many international projects on behalf our members. We’ve found Clear Treasury FX rates to be extremely competitive, saving us thousands pounds in transactions.

Martin Garratt

CEO, Cambridge Cleantech

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