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FX API Integration for Businesses

Clear Treasury’s API allows you to integrate our industry-leading fully automated end-to-end FX payments solution into your business’s technology infrastructure – giving you full control.

Our API solution

Harnessing the power of our API will allow you to:

  • Send and receive quick and secure currency transfers in 35 currencies across 130 countries;
  • Access statements and account histories;
  • Obtain live exchange rates;
  • Create beneficiaries and instruct payments, and;
  • Onboard clients quickly and efficiently.

Why choose the Clear Treasury API?

Icon representing Tried and tested integrated solution

Tried and tested integrated solution

With our FX API integration, you'll benefit from industry-leading onboarding capability and a fast and efficient FX payments solution. Embedding our API into your business will provide you with the technological foundation it needs to manage international payments at scale. It's also subject to a continual client-centric development cycle so you know you'll always have the very latest iteration.

Icon representing Quick and efficient onboarding

Quick and efficient onboarding

Our API gives you the keys to our fast and fuss-free onboarding technology. You can get a risk rating in seconds with our industry-leading KYC and compliance checks. With our solution, you can onboard clients from all over the world in minutes.

Icon representing Expert integration guidance and support

Expert integration guidance and support

Our expert Tech and Product teams will guide you through the integration process at each step of the way, and are on hand to offer guidance and answer any queries you have post-deployment and beyond.

Icon representing Full visibility and control

Full visibility and control

Utilising our API services will give you full visibility and control over your FX payments solution: reducing the amount of time spent tracking down payments with banks and international payment providers, and freeing up precious time to grow your business.

Icon representing Customisable branding and UX

Customisable branding and UX

You can customise how you offer our FX Payments API solution to your customers in line with your business’s requirements, ensuring it integrates seamlessly with your brand.

Icon representing FCA-regulated provider

FCA-regulated provider

Clear Treasury (UK Trading) Ltd is authorised by Financial Conduct Authority (reference nos 708529) under the Payment Services Regulations 2017 for the provision of payment services. Please refer to our Regulatory Information section for more information, as support and service provider models differ based on the country your business is located in.

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How to Get Started

Icon representing Get in touch

Get in touch

If you’re looking to integrate our FX payment API solution into your business’s infrastructure, the first step is to get in touch with our team to discuss your needs, our capabilities, and the options available.

Icon representing Initial consultation

Initial consultation

Following our initial conversation, we will initiate a more formal discussion with you regarding the technical aspects of our FX Payment API solution and your requirements - so we can advise on the options available before you commit.

Icon representing Sandbox environment

Sandbox environment

If at this point you’d like to explore further, you’ll be given an API key to our fully secure sandbox environment (this requires the signing of an NDA) where you can access our API, and run extensive tests. We’ll work closely with you to ensure everything is working as expected before going into production.

Icon representing Agreements and signing

Agreements and signing

Once you're happy that the integration is working to your satisfaction, it's time to finalise agreements and move on to production.

Icon representing Production and deployment

Production and deployment

Once everything is agreed, you will be issued with a production API key, allowing you to move forward into our production environment. As you own the application you are integrating with our API services, you’ll be able to fully customise the front end, including the branding and UI (user interface), to create seamless FX payment user journeys aligned to your customers' needs.

Icon representing Comprehensive support

Comprehensive support

We’ll be on hand to provide your business with support beyond the integration phase. If you have any questions or concerns once you’re in production, our Commercial, Tech and Product teams are always here to help.

Clear Treasury has provided Teybridge Capital with a superior foreign exchange service. We have been able to book and execute hundreds of FX deals seamlessly with Clear Treasury. In addition, Clear Treasury’s API ensures that Teybridge can operate in the most secure and efficient manner when processing foreign exchange transactions.

Dylan Martin

Benefits to Businesses

  • An embedded API partner you can trust - Clear Treasury is authorised by FCA. Please refer to our Regulatory Information section for more information.
  • Hassle-free FX payments solution, enabling you to focus and scale your business’s core services.
  • Compliance screening (customer and payments, etc,), security, licensing, and regulatory costs associated with providing FX payment services are managed by us.
  • Opens the door to new innovation-led revenue streams that can boost your profits.
  • Optimises client and supplier satisfaction by facilitating frictionless FX and international payments.

What types of businesses can benefit from our API?

Icon representing SMEs and fintech start-ups

SMEs and fintech start-ups

SMEs and fintech start-ups looking to transact across multiple currencies, such as software companies with global supply chains.

Icon representing Financial outsourcing companies

Financial outsourcing companies

Financial outsourcing companies that act as third-party providers for SMEs - such as a start-up with limited internal resources to facilitate cross-border payments at scale.

Icon representing Companies with bulk payroll requirements

Companies with bulk payroll requirements

Businesses required to make domestic and international payments of any volume - such as a corporation that needs to make bulk payroll payments to its overseas workforce.

Icon representing Trade finance businesses

Trade finance businesses

Trade finance businesses are harnessing APIs to access customer data in real-time, gain insights, share data with other players in the trade environment and develop innovative trade finance products tailored to their customers market and regulatory needs.

Icon representing Aggregators of FX services

Aggregators of FX services

Our API gives aggregators of FX services the technology to allow FX traders to compare price from different liquidity venues and to have a consolidated view of the market.

Icon representing Special Purchase Vehicles (SPVs)

Special Purchase Vehicles (SPVs)

Special Purchase Vehicle (SPVs) companies - subsidiary companies that are formed to undertake a specific business purpose or activity - that take responsibility for international payments. For example, if an SPV is established to purchase and rent out properties overseas our FX payments API can be integrated into its infrastructure to facilitate international payments.

Benefits to Clients

With our innovative and best-in-class FX payments services, your clients can benefit from:

  • Fast and efficient currency transfers across 35 currencies in 130 countries - manage seamless FX transfers at scale.
  • Efficient onboarding process - client accounts can be up and running in minutes.
  • Access to live exchange rates.
  • Add payments to be made and instruct beneficiaries
  • Easy access to statements and account history, providing clarity over their transfer activity.
Excellent every time. Quick responses to every request, with a very knowledgeable team to guide you through the process. Would recommend and use for all my international currency transfer needs!

Dave, UK

Verified customer (via Trustpilot)

Fast, efficient service from Clear Treasury UK Trading Ltd. Excellent, as always.


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